Planning For Your Session

Q:What time should I arrive for my portrait session?
A:Arrive about 10 minutes early. You'll be relaxed, and your session can be completed on schedule. If for any reason you are going to be 15 minutes or more late your appointment will be canceled, and you will need to reschedule.
Q:Can I bring a friend to watch?
A:Yes! It will help you feel more relaxed, so please bring a friend or parent along.
Q:When do I decide what portraits I want to order?
A:After you have seen your previews, you may order the same day as your portrait session. If you cannot decide, your previews will be online at for one month, so you may want to use that time to choose.
Q:When do I pay for may session and package?
A:Payment for your session must be made at the time of your appointment. Half payments or deposits may be made, Just keep in mind your order will not be processed until full payment is made.
Q:How long will my portrait package order take?
A:All orders from time of full payment will take 30-45 days for processing, retouching, and printing. For those that wish to have their portrait package order right away, there is a rush service available for an additional fee. Please call for service charge.
Q:Can I bring props or animals to my session?
A:Yes, and we encourage all of our clients to bring their own props or animals. Doing so ensures individuality and uniqueness to your photos. So please bring in your pet lizard, football gear, or anything in between to express yourself.


  • Portraits are best when the viewer's eye is drawn to your face. Unless you choose your clothing carefully, it's possible for the viewer's eye to be diverted to your clothing.
  • For your yearbook picture or other head and shoulders or close up poses, dress in something very simple both in color and style. Boys can choose a suit or collard shirt. For girls a plain dress, or blouse with simple neck line is best.
  • Proper clothing allows the face to dominate the portrait with all other elements being secondary. With a medium or dark background, colors that photograph best for the yearbook portrait and other head and shoulder poses, are medium to dark tones: green, brown, rust, wine or blue. Darker shades are more slimming.
  • Informal portraits gives a greater variety in clothing, color, and style. Girls can choose a favorite sports outfit, or colors you really enjoy. Possible choices for boys in a suit, jeans outfit, a casual or sports outfit, or a school or other jacket. Bring extra outfits, and we'll help you choose.
  • If you have friends, props or animals then bring them along! Musical instruments, cheerleading, or athletic uniforms, stuffed animals, skateboards, pets, girlfriends, boyfriends, and buddies. Think creatively and you'll have a portrait to remember.

    Don't forget to have fun!

How To Look Your Best



Don't try a new hairstyle just for your session, it may not work out the way you want it to on the day of your session. Have your hair cut around a week before your session is scheduled.


Removing tan or sunburn lines may incur additional retouching charges. If you do have sunburn you may want to reschedule your portrait appointment for a later one.

Skin Problems

Don't worry if you develop a skin problem. Our finished portraits are fully retouched to eliminate blemishes and soften harsh lines.

For The Girls

Make-up can affect the way your portrait looks. Both fresh, natural make-up, or "evening" make-up photograph well.


Problems with glasses can lead to extra retouching charges. We can remove glare on glasses, but tinted lenses cannot be lightened- even with retouching. If your glasses are tinted or exceptionally thick, they can distort the way the camera photograph's the eye. in this case, you should ask your optometrist for a pair of empty frames to wear for your portrait session.

For the Guys

A fresh shave is a must! If you have a beard or mustache, make sure it is trimmed to your liking.
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